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I love my life here in Jackson, there is nothing more perfect. Sure, there are things that could be changed, but I'm working on that right now. Have no fear, if there's anybody who can change this town for the better it's me.
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Old photo, Hilly?

Too old. 


Old photo, Hilly?

Too old. 

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Don't call me Eugenia.: Rough Night? // Skeeter & Hilly →


Skeeter intentionally took her time picking out an outfit, using the spare moment to get out from under Hilly’s watchful eyes. She appreciated the sincerity behind her actions, but still Skeeter felt hesitant to be completely open with her, fearful that she’d scare her friend away again if she got into the specifics of her feelings towards the situation with Constantine. Surely, Hilly would side with Skeeter’s mother and father on the issue; Constantine was just another maid to all of them.

Skeeter settled on a pair of floral print pajamas she used to wear to sleepovers with Hilly and Elizabeth. They were too short for her, exposing her midriff and ankles awkwardly as a consequence. For a moment she stood there facing Hilly, holding her hands out and feeling amused at the way the top clung to and rode up her sides.

“I look like a dork,” she said, giggling lightly and letting a small smile linger.

Apparently in the meantime, Hilly had made herself comfortable on Skeeter’s bed. It had been so long since Skeeter housed another warm body in her sheets that the sight was almost disconcerting. But still, Hilly looked so peaceful with her hair cascading over her pillows, that Skeeter couldn’t bring herself to hold onto any idea other than laying down beside her.

“Just like old times,” Skeeter mumbled as she crawled into her bed and snuggled up beside Hilly, resting her head on her shoulder. Her body surprised her by stiffening at the contact.

Hilly’s eyes fluttered open and her lips quirked a the ends as she stared at Skeeter who was standing there awkwardly, dressed in clothes that were far too small. “You are a dork, Skeeter.” She cooed playfully as her friend climbed into bed next to her. The mattress shifting underneath their weight.

"Yeah, just like old times." Hilly whispered, the words barely  audible. Her eyes closed at the contact between her and Skeeter. They were always like this at their sleepovers, ever since they were younger. Close contact, shared blankets and pillows. It was usually the two of them on Hilly’s bed while Elizabeth slept by herself elsewhere, not by choice but by Hilly’s command. Things hadn’t changed.

She found her body moving to bring Skeeter closer, seeking out warmth and comfort. Lazily she draped an arm around Skeeter’s waist and moved so that her friends head was tucked neatly into the crook of her neck, hot breath ghosting over the sensitive skin there. 

As they lay together Hilly became all too aware of a few things. The way Skeeter’s body stiffened at their contact. The way her own heart picked up it’s pace and her cheeks flushed brightly. The way she suddenly craved to be closer. Instinctually she slid a leg between Skeeter’s own, bringing their bodies flush against each others. 

By her own shallow breathing Hilly knew that she would soon drifting off to sleep, here, comfortably in Skeeter’s bed. The sun outside was blaring through the window, but when she shut her eyes the bright light was avoided. 

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Oh me oh my…



I’m still alive too. :) Being a lazy gal lately.  Caught up on all my math homework, and on all my sleep!


jolenefrench-deactivated2011110 said: For christs sake, Hilly. Just admit it!

You’re right Jolene! My huge secret is I’m a lesbian. I’m in love with you, my husband doesn’t matter anymore. 

jolenefrench-deactivated2011110 said: You know what I'm talking about.


jolenefrench-deactivated2011110 said: Just keep hiding it Hilly. Eventually we're all going to find you out.

And just what are you all going to find out, Jolene?


Where is everybody today?